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E5 - EXAMINE - PRODUCT ANALYSIS — Fountain Media Group



  • What is the primary promise your product delivers on?
    • not a list of benefits but what will use of the product or service do for the client?
  • What are the different proof points to back up your primary promise
    • what evidence can you provide?
  • Credibility Factors about your company – why should we trust you?
    • different reasons why our product/company should be viewed as credible
  • USP – one unique benefit that the product can offer that is not currently being offered in the marketplace or a unique benefit that we provide (may not be inherent to the product)
  • Delivery mechanism – the one main thing that is chiefly resl;onsible for delivers on the result made in the primary promise
  • Track Record & Performance Metrics – what performance metrics can we offer about the product or service
  • Interest Points – what about the product or service ice is intellectually interesting?  IS there a story about the product or how it was created, about a user of a product, about it’s delivery mechanism?  What is intellectually interesting about it?
  • Features – we want an exhaustive set of facts about the product or service –
  • Benefits –
    • I.e. mechanical pencil
      • Feature – Soft Spongy Grip
      • Benefit – Easier to Hold
      • Dimensionalized Benefit – You can write for hours with no pain in your hand or wrist, write in total comfort
      • Emotional Benefit – you can walk up feeling great about writing the next day
    • Functional Benefits
      • typical superficial benefits that we often think of
      • what the product or service actually does for the product – should be one for every feature
      • most marketers stop at functional benefits – the next two are more important
    • Dimensionalized Benefit
      • what the functional benefit actually looks like in the real life of the prospect
    • Emotional Benefit
      • what will the prospect feel when they experience the dimensionalized benefit
    • Create a benefit analysis for every feature
      • Once complete rank the emotional benefits in order of importance to your prospect