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  • We are trying to analyze our competitors purely from a marketing perspective – how are they going after the market
    • What are they doing so that we can create separation between what we will do
      • Our hook and promise needs to be different
    • We want to look for gaps in the marketplace – where the competitors missing the mark dn what itch are they not scratching in the marketplace
    • Competitors are not just other companies, they are the other ways to solve the problem
    • Perform the 11-point analysis with the top 5-7 direct response marketers in your marketplace
      1. The Hook – the angle they are using to get the markets attention – what in the headline?
      2. Primary Marketing Promise – What is the main promise they are making to prospects – often in the headline
      3. Delivery Mechanism – What is special about how are they fulfilling the promise – they may not have one
      4. Unique Selling Proposition – a unique benefit that only they can deliver – don’t look for it, they should state it
      5. General Marketing Claims – easy too use, works quickly, cheap, massive support, etc… – not features or benefits
      6. Proof Points – What proof do they offer for the claims they are making – testimonials, case studies, screen shots, etc…
      7. Benefit Statements – What do the general marketing claims mean to the prospect?  What does the prospect have to gain from tuning the product
      8. Deliverables / Features –  what comes with the main offer? Everything being delivered when they buy
      9. Price and Terms – hard off (pay now) or soft offer (day later), payment plan
      10. Bonuses and Premiums – Are any offered? How many?  What are they?  What is the value in the premium and what benefit does it deliver?
      11. Risk Reversal – What guarantees are offered?