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5 STAR - Nathan Newbie — Fountain Media Group

5 Star Avatar – Nathan Newbie


Nathan Newbie is a 37 year old white male who has just obtained his authority to operate his own trucking company.  He has been in the trucking business for 11 years and is now breaking out on his own.  He is married with 2 kids and lives in suburban/rural Georgia.  He spends more than 150 nights per year away from his family on the road.

He is conservative in his political beliefs and likes to hunt and fish when he can.


Age47 – 52 though students in CDL classes are younger than in the past
Gender94% male, 6% female
LocationAcross the US
Marital Status54% married
Ethnicity67% white males, 15% hispanic males, 15% other male, 6% female

Strong minority growth

Income$42k per year, slightly lower than average
Education50% college on FB seems high
Political AffiliationStrongly conservative, Trump voters, 2nd amendment supporters
  • Are mostly Truck load carriers (TL)
  • Regarding trucking experience
    • Been the trucking business for 26 years
    • Average age of becoming an owner-operator is 37 years old
    • Have been an owner-operator for over 18 years
    • Average age is 55 years old
  • Very stable in their habitat as most have lived in the same area for 11+ years
  • Are educated with at least 86% completing high school and approximately 45% going on to receive some level of a college education
  • Trucking Business information includes:
    • Receives a net income of approximately $50,000+ per year
    • Receive pay by percentage of the line haul pay if leased to a carrier
    • 95% run solo
    • Average over 101,000 miles driving per year
    • Majority are away from home a 100+ nights a year with 41% spending over at least 200 nights away from home.
  • 69% own either a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or both
  • Most own 1.2 trucks and 1.2 trailers
  • Regarding the truck:
    • 66% have their trucks paid off
    • Peterbilt and Freightliner are the trucks most likely owned
    • Caterpillar engines are the most popular
    • 69% have 450 horsepower engines or greater
    • 13 speed transmissions are the most common followed by 18 speed
  • Dry Van and Flatbed trailers are the most common trailer owned
  • Biggest maintenance problems were tire and engine troubles
  • Average maintenance per year is $14,000
  • 36% have served in the military
  • 90% are registered voters
  • 86% plan to vote in the upcoming 2014 election
  • Are mostly republicans followed by independents


Wants / Desires :  

  • Freedom to be their own boss
  • To have a steady income, financial stability
  • To be in control, to have freedom and independence


Emotions / Feelings :

  • Concerned about finances
  • Excited about the future
  • Just starting a new company
  • Afraid to lose their livelihood
  • Want to feel in control


Beliefs / Identifications :

  • This may be a necessary evil
  • There are a lot of charlatans in this space
  • They may be taken advantage of



Prior Purchases
Experts Followed
Favorite TV / Movies / Books
Favorite SitesTwistedtrucker, livetrucker



HAVECash flow shortageReadily available cash
AVG EXPERIENCEUncertainty about when invoices will be paid and where the cash will come fromFocus on growing business not chasing checks
STATUSPotentially in over their headSuccessful businessman
FEELOut of control, family is depending on them, stressed outIn control, satisfied, more of a man for being able to solve the cash flow problem



Frank is our ideal client and he has started his own authority after several years of successful driving and learning the business.  He became our client and began factoring a single truck with plans to grow his firm.

He saw that his cash flow was very predictable and while factoring was an expense it was a knoan expense and allowed him to focus on other things.  With his attention not distracted with chasing invoices each day he was able to lay out a financial plan of steady income that allowed for growth of his company.  With steady work and steady invoice payments he was able to identify when he would be able to get another truck on the road.

The second truck took about 9 months to get up and running but the 3rd truck came just 4 months later and the 4th truck 90 days after that.  He continues to factor all 4 trucks which has lowered his rate significantly and his income and expenses are very predictable.

This has also allowed him to build a larger reserve as he is able to scrape a few hundred dollars into his emergency fund and he now has more confidence than ever that he is on the right track.

This positive outlook has spilled over into his personal life as he is now able to also determine how much time he needs to be on the road each month and he can plan trips base on his family needs, not when invoices get paid.